I can recall having this conversation with a three year old, but go on

Kanaya/As Sure As I Am That You All Want Me To Convert To The Ways Of The Internet I Have No Intention To State My ASL Stats


So Far I Have Found Us To Be Sufficiently Unique 

As Unique As Any Other Group Of People Can Be With Their Alternate Dimension Counterparts

You Are Very Welcome Dear

Which Is To Say Not That Differing But It Is No Subject To Dwell On Because Two Of The Things That Make Us Different People In General Are Our Memories And The Bonds Forged With Others None Of Which Can Progress If You Choose To Waste Time Thinking About All Of This

If That Makes Any Sense


But You Are Unique

Out Of The Millions Of Yous You Are So Unique That You Have Your Own Timeline

If You Werent Unique Then There Would Be One Less You With A Blog

This Has Gotten Fairly Deep In A Matter Of Moments Just Due To Me Pointing Out The Lack Of Uniqueness To Be Found In Many Alternates Based On Repetitive Personalities And Wigglerhood

But No Matter That Was Actually Very Kind Of You Darling So Thank You

bw9t said: No Dear Thats Just The Magic Of Alternate Timelines Converging

Cant I Have One Moment To Pretend That I Am Even Slightly Unique Gosh Darn

Clearly I Didnt Pick A Very Original Quirk In Wigglerhood

I Am Slowly Starting To Understand That Everyone Types Like This As This Is Practically All I Have Seen Thus Far

I Fully Accept The Fact That I Have Quote Knockers Unquote Because They Make It That Much Easier To Knock You Out

I Will Continue To Point Out The Horrible Happenings In The Potion Selling Business And No One Will Be Able To Stop Me Muwahaha

I Mean Have You Even Questioned Whats Inside Of The Potions

The Clan Of Slightly Prudish Capitalize Every Letter At The Beginning Of Every Word Has Never Been More Insulted Than By This Business Of Illegal Selling Of Potions



I Mean I Just Feel As If Potion Selling Is Not A Legitimate Business And Is Actually Full Of Lies And Deceit And Thievery

How Dare You Question The Legitimacy Of Potion Selling

Potion Selling Is A Very Serious Line Of Work